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o   Jennifer M. 5/10/2011
I visite Angela's Salon for the first time today thanks to a Groupon. I wasn't sure what to expect because some of the previous Groupon-related reviews for Angela's were pretty bad. But I decided to give it a try anyway as I appear to be going to every salon in the South Bay that offers Groupon-type promotions.

Parking was fine but I had an early appointment (9:00am). I could see how it might be a challenge later in the day. Location was fairly easy to spot and relatively small compared to other salons in the area. I loved how cozy it was inside and the fact that aside from myself and Angela, no one else was there -- it was a refreshing change from the too-busy salons where you have to shout to be heard over the music.

Angela's approach to hair is very thorough and she really took her time during the cut. I'm so used to gals who zip around with their scissors that it took me a few minutes to get into Angela's groove. But clearly she knows her stuff...she was quick to spot the areas I did not like with my prior cut (and believe me, there was a lot to be unhappy with -- see my earlier salon review)...and determined what would work best for me based on my face, my lifestyle (mom with young kids), my hair type. Angela also did my brows...just a quick clean up.

I was very pleased with my hair + brows and I plan to come back. The cost was reasonable and Angela is super friendly and makes the whole experiencing relaxing and enjoyable.

My one and only complaint is how long it took to get an appointment. Because the salon is quite small (only two stations + one shampoo chair that I suspect doubles as the facial area), they don't have an on-staff receptionist to field appointments. So it can take a few days or so of phone tag before you are able to get your visit sorted out.  This can be an issue if you are in a time crunch and want to get something scheduled ASAP. I'd like to recommend Angela consider an internet booking service so clients can book themselves as needed --  I think it might make it easier for all involved.
o   Priscilla H. San Jose, CA 4/23/2011
I have been to Angela's Salon & Boutique twice now ~ for both a cut and a perm, and am very pleased with the results. Angela is experienced and very skilled, and made an accurate evaluation of my hair type after carefully looking at it and feeling it. Both my perm and cut look great and have lasted well.

The salon itself is unique and very attractive, decorated in European style with the help of Angela's husband, Scott. It is small and cute, with a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Angela's friendly disposition makes you feel very welcome and relaxed. I would recommend her salon and services to anyone, men and women alike! I am going back soon to try her nail and facial services. Two thumbs up ~ try it!
o   Vickie C. Sunnyvale, CA  4/27/2011
I used to get the same style of haircut all the time until I had Angela work on my hair. She convinced me that the style I was getting was getting out of date and gave me a brand new haircut that looked great and met all my needs. It was so easy to take care of and I absolutely love it.

Angela not only has great skills but also great personality. It was the most pleasant time I've spent in a salon because the place is cozy and Angela is very nice to talk to. I'd recommend her salon to friends and can't wait to try other services they offer!.
o   Jessica L. Saratoga, CA 1/4/2011
I went to Angela's Salon today for the first time, after seeing positive reviews and a $10 off Yelp promotion. The salon is just behind the Dolce Gelato shop. You'll love this cute boutique the moment you step foot into it!

I needed a quick trim and soft layers, and I am very pleased with the cut. Angela was genuinely friendly, and enthusiastic to discuss ideas for styling...I learned a lot about hot rolls and back-combing. She answered all my questions thoroughly, and even made an excellent product recommendation for a deep conditioner.

Her prices are reasonable, especially for the customer attention you receive (there's only one seat in the salon!)

I will be back the next time I need a new style or color. I trust Angela will do an amazing job!
o   Carol R.  Moraga, CA 6/1/2011
I've been to Angela's Salon a number of times and have always had a wonderful experience.  Angela always begins the appointment on time and does a wonderful job of cutting my hair.  I have recommended her to several of my friends, who have also been quite pleased with her work.  The salon has a great location and lovely ambience.  I would highly recommend her salon to anyone.
o   Janelle V.  San Jose, CA 12/21/2010
I've been going to Angela for about three years now and I am always pleased when I leave her salon.  Angela offers many services such as cut, color, and waxing, but she also has a few other people that work for her who do make up, hair, massaging, waxing, facials, and tanning.

I mainly go for cuts and color with Angela, and she has the skills to make your hair cut fit well with the frame of your face, and the hair coloring techniques that will best suit you.  When getting any services done at Angela's Salon & Boutique, you may learn to find that its a very one on one deal since there are no other people getting services done during your appointment.  She even offers tea, coffee, hot cider, hot chocolate, water, or little snacks during your appointment, which is always nice because it shows she values her customers a lot.  Angela is very witty and fun to talk to, and she always makes sure my hair turns out the way I want it to.  Angela is also very knowledgeable on many different products to make your hair look its best, and she offers suggestions and her input if you have any questions.  I would recommend making an appointment with Angela and trying out her salon!
o   Sarah P. Saratoga, CA 1/24/2011
Angela had a great intuition as to what I needed. I'm pretty uncreative when it comes to my hair and she was able to make some suggestions to give me a better low-maintenance style. Nice little salon too!
o   mary f.  San Jose, CA  4/22/2011
I like many things about Angela's: their cozy and cute setup, the location, and most importantly the friendly and professional staff. I have been going to Jennifer for haircuts, color, highlights, and eyebrows for many years. She was the 7th or 8th stylist I went to and that was because it's been difficult to find a stylist in this area with enough talent and experience who needs very little instructions about what you're looking for and will give you results that will exceed your expectations. She's done a fantastic job with my makeup and up-do's as well as bridal makeup and hair for couple of friends that I referred (both loved her work and ended up referring more brides).
o   Charlie D. Los Gatos, CA 8/24/2010
I had been trying my hand at layering my hair and recently to my horror it ended up in a near mullet. So I decided to try a small, family owned hair salon I had heard rave reviews about.  Angela fixed my hair in one visit, and I no longer had to wear it in a ponytail with 50 bobby pins in it.
She is a hair genius and I won't be going anywhere else from now on. Also, the haircut was a very reasonable rate, especially for downtown los gatos. Also it is an hour, one on one with owner, and you have the whole salon to yourself!
o   Jay-P S.  San Jose, CA 2/19/2010
Angela is fantastic.  She is a skilled stylist, and cuts and colors my unruly mane with great results.  My hair looks great after 6 weeks or even if I go too long (10 weeks) between cuts.  Her color sense and technique are great.  Her salon is a little island of quiet and charm, off the beaten path in Los Gatos and definitely worth seeking out.  She is very good with curly hair, and has a calm and positvie outlook on life that is infectious.  I am so happy I found her!
o   Gail G. Los Gatos, CA 12/17/2009
I recently went to Angela's Salon and got a much needed haircut and color.  I got a great cut and a color correction that everyone has commented favorably on, all at a very reasonable price.  Angela is very welcoming and is very competent.  I love the location in off the main drag - not noisy and chaotic.  Very conducive to relaxation!
Just had a wonderful perm from Angela's Salon.  She's able to understand with I want in a style that is updated and easy to maintain.  I'll be back for a cut soon!
Shea Gerula San Jose, CA 5/3/2011
I have been going to Angela since I was in third grade and I'm currently in my 3rd year of college. I plan my trips home around when she can get me in. She's the only hair stylist to ever cut my hair and the only person I trust to.  I've referred numerous amounts of my friend's to Angela over the years and they all feel the same way about her as I do.

I have extremely curly hair and I realize that it's not as easy to cut as straight hair and I have never once been disappointed in how my hair looks after going to Angela.  She always cuts it to look exactly how I want it to, usually better than I imagined as well.

Over my years at her salon, she has cut my hair to be straight, curly, she's put rinses in it, died it, chemically straightened in, and everything has looked amazing. She did my hair for winter balls, proms, and graduation and my hair always stayed in place and looked fantastic all night long. I've even slept in my up-do before and they lasted through the next day still intact, and that's hard to do. Angela knows how to cut, color, and style hair better than anyone I know.
I have been a client of Angela's for over 5 years - I am always happy with my haircut!  In fact, we come as a family - my husband and two daughters are also very happy customers.  Not only does her salon have a great atmosphere, she is always very friendly and professional. My family and I highly reccommend Angela's Salon!
  • Nikki T .San Carlos, CA 4/22/2011
I absolutely adore Angela and her cute salon! I have been going to Angela for about 4 years now. I am the client that always surprises her. From wanting platinum blonde hair to begging to be a red head, Angela is always accommodating my crazy personality. She made me look like a natural red head. Recently, I asked for red peekaboo highlights and I love them!!! So I am pretty surprised to see negative comments.

Anyways, you are the best Angela!!!!!!!!
I have been a client of Angela's for about 9 years or so and can't say enough positive things about her. We have developed quite a friendship as she is understanding, has wonderful listening skills, is a very talented stylist/colorist, and demonstrates a genuine interest in pleasing her clients.

The salon in Los Gatos is very quaint and cozy and when you arrive, you instantly feel at home. You also get her individual attention as you are the only person who is present during your appointment time.

I have recommended several friends/coworkers who continue to be her clients. What a great friend and business!
Michelle Mc Dougal Aromas, CA 4/22/2011
I have been going to Angela's Hair Salon for 14 years, from it's start in Willow Glen to it's current location in Los Gatos and it offers the best of everything! Angela, the owner, is wonderful - kind, thoughtful, thorough, and does stunning work! I receive so many compliments on my hair. Angela has a great eye for details and can tell instantly what will work well with your style, skin tone, and facial features. She spends a lot of time with each client giving you the best service anywhere. And she did my whole wedding party too!! Darling shop in Los Gatos too!
I have been getting my hair done (cut and color) by Angela for years! I trust her so much  she takes care of my 3 daughters too! Scheduling is easy and she gives you one on one attention and can suggest new styles and products
Tiffany Sowers Cleveland, OH 4/22/2011
I have been one of Angela's clients for years. I first found her on Lincoln Ave. in Willow Glen and have followed her everywhere since. Unfortunately I had to move across the country but whenever I'm in town she does my hair.  She gives the most amazing haircuts and she really listens to what you want for a style and if you don't know what you want she always makes the perfect recommendation. She's easy to talk to and you come away feeling like you've been friends for years.

Her salon is always clean with a warm and inviting atmosphere and you can't wait to come back and see her. Thanks Angela for ways giving the best service and advice. I surly miss you and your salon!
Angela has been cutting my hair for years...she's tried to "spiff" me up a few times, but when I ultimately want to do the same old thing, she is happy to comply! Over the years I feel she has become more than just my stylist - wouldn't go anywhere else!!!!
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